Paper cuts—both ways

We continue the debate between paper and electronic books. This week, observations By Seb Kirby As an author do you prefer ebooks or paper books? There’s nothing like seeing your work appear as a book on paper. It’s part of the magic of the whole creative process that started out […]

But is it real?

The second instalment in our series comparing the feelings evoked by e-books and paperbacks. This week, the musings of A.J. Llewellyn When I had my first romance novel published in 2008, I was super excited. I loved the cover of my book, Phantom Lover, and my publisher at Extasy Books […]

The dream, again: Defy

A Thursday teaser from the first book in the Firstborn Trilogy by Raine Thomas “How did our babies suddenly get to be approaching their eighteenth birthdays?” Caleb kept his gaze on his daughter’s retreating figure as his wife, Skye, walked up beside him and took his hand. He watched the […]