A Friday morning teaser: One Shade of Red

Romance month continues with this #sample from the erotic coming-of-age romance

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By Scott Bury

I set to chopping, shredding and slicing, and by the time Alexis stepped into the kitchen, I had an omelette sizzling on the stovetop. I slid warm bread out of the oven warmer and slathered on the butter.

“Mmm. Smells good,” she said and kissed me on the cheek. “I love it when a man makes me breakfast. Or any meal.”

She wore a deep-red silk robe and matching dainty slippers. She had tied her hair behind her head with one of those scrunchy things, also matching red. “Did you make coffee?” she asked.

I wondered whether she wore a nightgown under the robe. “Damian?” she said. “Coffee?”

The omelette sizzled, dangerously close to burning. I flipped it quickly. “Sorry. I didn’t think of it. I’m not much of a coffee drinker.”

“That’s all right, sweetie.” From a cupboard, she pulled out an odd-shaped kettle and set it on an element, then pulled containers out of other cupboards and poured fine coffee grounds into the kettle thing.

“Is that expresso coffee?” I asked.

She smiled. “It’s pronounced ‘espresso.’ Do you like it?”

“I don’t know; I’ve never had it.”

She put two plates on the granite counter. I slid her omelette onto one and started frying mine. She set the plates and cutlery in front of the high chairs beside the raised portion of the counter, then covered her plate with a stainless steel cover. “That should keep it warm enough until yours is ready.”

That didn’t take long, and as I slid my omelette onto a plate, she poured two little cups half-full of expresso — sorry, “espresso,” and put a spoonful of sugar into each one.

“Mmm. This is good,” she said after her first dainty bit of omelette.

I had to agree. Simple, but tasty. “This is good bread,” I said. “Where did you get it?”

“An Italian bakery on St. Clair,” she said. “Do you know it?”

“I don’t, but my Dad probably does. He loves bread.”

“You know, the sex last night was really good. I really enjoyed it.”

I could not swallow my bite of omelette.

“I mean, usually, men who don’t have a lot of experience just sort of fumble around. But you were quite gentle. Mind you, you still have a lot to learn. But I think that you have some natural ability. Talent.” She smiled at me as if she were talking about me playing the piano or something.

Alexis blew on her espresso and took a sip. I choked down my eggs and tried the coffee. “Ugh!” I couldn’t help it.

She laughed, which made me laugh along with her. “Don’t like espresso?”

“Um, no, not really,” I admitted.

“Not to worry. It’s a bit of an acquired taste. Especially if you don’t normally drink coffee. It’s best to kind of ease into it.”

The sunlight slanted in through the big walk-out, crossing her face from just behind her left shoulder. In the light, she was even more beautiful than the night before.

If I’m dreaming, I thought, I never want to wake up.

One Shade of Red

Women want the perfect man, so they can change him. But when university student Damian Serr discovers a rich, beautiful woman who’s voracious about sex, he doesn’t try to improve on perfection. It’s all that he can do to hold on for the ride.

Damian has always followed the rules, always tried to please others. At 20, he still dates the girl next door because his parents like her parents. When Nick, his university roommate, asks Damian to take over his pool-cleaning business so he can take an internship in London, Damian can’t say no — especially to Nick’s first and only client, a rich widow.

But widow Alexis Rosse is far from helpless or lonely. This beautiful financial genius is busy turning the markets upside-down, and she revels in sex wherever, whenever and with whomever she wants.

Over the summer, Alexis gives Damian an intense education. Day after day, she pushes him to his sexual limits. The only question he has is: will she break them?

“So well-written that it flows easily, hooking the reader right from the beginning. I had real problems to stop reading it.” — Cinta Garcia de la Rosa, author of A Foreigner in London and reviewer of Indie Authors You Want to Read.

“How nice it is to see a dude lit-style book! And well-written at that!” Lisa Jey Davis, “Ms. Cheevious”

“So hot, you’ll want your own pool boy.” — Charity Parkerson, author of The Society of Sinners

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Scott Bury

can’t stay in one category.

After a 20-year career in journalism, he turned to writing fiction. “Sam, the Strawb Part,” a children’s story, came out in 2011, with all the proceeds going to an autism charity. Next was a paranormal short story for grown-ups, “Dark Clouds.”

Next was historical fantasy The Bones of the Earth in 2012, and the sequel, The Children of the Seventh Son, in 2020.

The Eastern Front trilogy (Army of Worn Soles, Under the Nazi Heel and Walking Out of War) tells the true story of a Canadian drafted into the USSR’s Red Army during the Second World War.

He has also written the Hawaiian Storm mystery series: Torn Roots, Palm Trees & Snowflakes, and Dead Man Lying, another mystery, Wildfire, and One Shade of Red, an erotic romance.

He lives in Ottawa with and a very understanding wife.

You can find more about Scott Bury, and contact him through his website, his blog, Written Words, and on Twitter @ScottTheWriter.

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