Feature Friday: Return of the Ascendant

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By Raine Thomas

Return of the Ascendant by Raine Thomas cover

“Kyra,” Avana said, distracting her from watching Sam, who was now using some sort of key to open the box, “I know you have a lot of questions. Unfortunately, it seems we don’t have much time.”

“That’s correct,” Ty said.

“I’ll give you as much of an explanation as I can right now,” Avana continued as though Ty hadn’t interrupted, “and fill in the blanks later. The main thing you need to know is that all of us would give our lives to protect you.”

Nothing she said could have alarmed Kyra more. She would have jumped up from the bed if Ty hadn’t reached over and taken her arm.

“Please don’t talk,” Avana implored. “Just let me give you the basics so we can do what we need to do to get to safety.”

Safety from what? Why weren’t they safe here? Why would her friends be risking their lives for her?

Kyra saw the look in Avana’s eyes and clamped her jaw tight to keep from shouting the pressing questions.

Nodding and taking a deep breath, Avana began, “We’re not who you think we are. I am AvanaLuja, a Divyner from the planet Alametria. The male you know as Sam is SemDane, a Mynder from the same planet. And this is TaeDane, the Dem-Shyr…your Mynder. The only reason Dem-Shyr TaeDane would be here is if your life was in danger. Because he mentioned seeing something in the shadows, I can only believe that means the Shelvaks have somehow traveled to this galaxy in their search for you. And they’ve found you.”

It took a minute for Kyra to realize that Avana was done with her explanation. She stared at her best friend for a long moment without blinking. Her gaze moved slowly from Avana to Sam and Ty and then back to Avana again.

She burst out laughing.

“Yeah, right,” she snorted. “The next thing you’re going to tell me is that you love Reese’s Pieces and you need to phone home.”

“I do love Reese’s Pieces,” Sam said.

Avana rolled her eyes. “She’s referring to the movie E.T., SemDane. She doesn’t believe us.”

“Of course I don’t.” Kyra grinned. “That was quite an elaborate little story, though. How long did it take you to make all of that up?”

“This is costing us too much time,” Ty said, getting to his feet. “It always takes a while to help Kyr remember, but that is time we can’t spare right now. We can’t defend ourselves in this small space. If they cut the power…”

Sam frowned. “You’re right.”

“Kyra, please listen to me,” Avana said, moving to Ty’s abandoned place on Sam’s bed and taking her hand. “I’ve never tried to trick you before, have I?”


“Can you think of any reason why I’d want to do so now?”

Kyra frowned. She had expected her friends to drop the act once they realized she wasn’t buying it. Avana was terrible at controlling her reactions, which was why she didn’t usually lie. Her expression and tone rang with sincerity.

Her mouth suddenly dry, Kyra shook her head.

“I promise, I’m telling you the truth,” Avana said, giving her hand a squeeze. “Your memories of Alametria have been suppressed during your time here on Earth. You’ve been here learning important life lessons that you will bring back to Alametria with you when the time is right. This isn’t the first planet you’ve visited, and it won’t be the—”

“It will be the last,” Ty interrupted. “We must bring her back to Alametria.”

About Return of the Ascendant

The Ascendant Series, Volume 1

Expecting to enjoy another typical college night at a frat party with friends, Kyra Vaughn’s plans derail when she’s almost killed…twice. Her savior, a tall, sexy stranger who calls himself TaeDane, claims that he’s the personal bodyguard for the Ascendant of Alametria. She’s convinced he’s crazy.

Especially when he insists that she’s the Ascendant.

With dark enemies hunting her down, Kyra has no choice but to trust her supposed bodyguard. Ty vows to help her remember her past and return her safely to Alametria, but someone seems intent on interfering, challenging his abilities at every turn.

As Kyra’s memories emerge, she remembers that Ty is more to her than he’s let on…much more than he’s allowed to be. She’ll also discover that there are many things about her planet and herself that she’d rather forget. In the end, she’ll have to make a choice: cling to the life she knows, or risk it all to become the person she’s destined to be.

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About the author

Raine Thomas is a multiple award-winning author of bestselling romance. Known for character-driven stories that inspire the imagination, Raine has signed with multiple award-winning producer Chase Chenowith of Back Fence Productions to bring her popular Daughters of Saraqael trilogy to the big screen. She’s a proud indie author who is living the dream.

Raine loves to hear from readers! You can connect with her at:

And follow her on  Twitter @Raine_Thomas

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