For you this Valentine’s: Deeper Blue

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By A.J. Llewellyn

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Deeper Blue

Tracy Costantino accepts the task of tutoring Marjo, a troubled little girl whose father has rented a house in the remote but picturesque Greek island town of Molivos.

But this is no Mediterranean paradise…something strange is going on…

In the shadow of the town’s fabled castle, events start badly with Tracy’s new boss, imperious music composer Benoit Seguin, who is furious to learn his daughter’s new tutor is a man, not a woman. Nevertheless, as an undeniable attraction builds between the two men, Tracy becomes convinced the Seguins’ house is haunted. Some say the ancient legend of the castle’s once-kidnapped princess is coming back to life. Is the threat to little Marjo spectral? Or if it’s real, who would want to abduct her?

Increasingly confused by his tumultuous relationship with Benoit, Tracy fights the urge to flee to the comfort of his life in New York and await the birth of his twin sister’s baby. He’s bonded with Marjo, however, and fears leaving her to the increasing danger from unseen, sinister forces swirling around her. And with Benoit shut away working most of the time, Tracy believes he is the only one who can protect the young girl.

Unwilling to leave, yet rejected by Benoit, Tracy needs to decide if this is what he’s been looking for…if this is his love, love of a different color…a deeper blue…

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