Friday frights for fear-loving readers

Bestselling books for the fans of the spooky season

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BestSelling Reads authors span the full range of genres and categories for readers. Here are just some of the spookiest, strangest, most haunting books by your favorite bestselling authors.

David C. Cassidy

The master of horror and suspense has penned a series of novels that will straighten the hairs on the back of your neck while keeping you unable to put the books down. 

The Dark

For all we desire, there is always a price, the currency in suffering and sacrifice. Brimming with insidious evil and a pulse-pounding pace, this tale will grab hold of your most primitive fears—and won’t let go.

Velvet Rain

An extraordinary journey into the heart of the human soul: one man’s story of courage and tragedy that pits unstoppable power against unstoppable evil. 

HauGHnt: Dark Shapes, Dark Shadows Book 1

A creepy, fast read of desperation and fate, magic and murder—a modern retelling of the classic tale of a deal with the devil. 

See all of David’s blood-curdling books at

M.L. Doyle

A writer who crosses genres as fearlessly as she pulls on combat boots, Mary Doyle has published delightful fantasies that bring one of the most ancient stories firmly into the modern world in The Desert Goddess series. 

The Bonding Spell 

Sergeant Hester Trueblood breaks the cardinal rule of U.S. service people in Iraq: If you see something on the ground, Don’t. Pick. It. Up. When she does, she finds herself possessed by Inanna, the ancient Sumerian goddess of life, war, love and sex. 

It has its perks, but there are drawbacks, like the constant threat of demons and monsters, not to mention the irresistible attention of a demigod.

The Bonding Blade  

After seven years with an ancient Sumerian goddess in her head, Hester Trueblood is still struggling to deal with Inanna’s whims and lust. It gets more complicated when one of her devoted warriors is stricken with a mysterious, supernatural illness that threatens the whole world.

DelSheree Gladden

No stranger to crossing genre boundaries, DelSheree Gladden is equally proficient in romance, cozy mystery and eerie stories. 

The Ghost Host series is a perfect example. Young Echo Simmons hosts a YouTube channel that gives ghosts a voice. It’s great—until the FBI shows up, asking questions. 

Then there’s the Aerling series, stories about being who are not ghosts, but are invisible to all, except for a young woman named Robin. 

The Escaping Fate series explores the destiny and supernatural abilities of Arrabella, a young American woman who grows to understand her destiny.

There’s lots more to tickle your occult bone from this outstanding, USA Today-bestselling author.

Scott Bury

Another author not afraid to cross genre borders, Scott Bury’s Dark Clouds has delighted writers for years—and it’s free! 

Dark Clouds is the story of the only man immune to magic. Which is strange, given that his mother is the Queen of Witches, with nefarious plans to take over the country. 

Enjoy the romp in Dark Clouds.

Samreen Ahsan

Taking fantasy and romance into entirely new directions, Samreen Ahsan’s Prayer series delves into Islamic-inspired fantasy. Plus, they’re damned sexy. Readers who like to tickle their terror center along with their erogenous zones could not go wrong with A Silent Prayer and A Prayer Heeded.

Still craving more dark, spooky romance? Don’t miss Ahsan’s Once Upon a [Stolen] Time and Once Upon a [Fallen] Time.  

Raine Thomas 

This is an author who has explored many different aspect of the fantasy/paranormal genre. Her Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy is the story of a young woman discovering that she’s not entirely human, and explores a different plane of reality. 

And her Estilorian series literally explores the plane of reality of a different order of being. 

The Ascendant series describes an order of higher beings living among us.

Need a break from fantasy? Explore Raine Thomas’ sports and rock’n’roll romances. 

Kathleen Valentine, RIP

Our dear, departed and much missed bestselling independent author, Kathleen Valentine, made a mark in the world with stories that explore the supernatural, but bring readers back to a sensual world with stories like The Old Mermaid’s TaleGhosts of a Beach Town in Winter and My Last Romance. If you want a tale that will excite your mind as well as your erogenous zones.

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