Haunted by the Past: a new audiobook

A Thursday teaser from the exciting new audiobook project

By Lucy Appadoo

Haunted by the Past cover

BestSelling Reads member author Lucy Appadoo is excited to launch her latest project: the audiobook version of one of her reader favorites, Haunted By the Past. It’s the first book in her Friends in Crisis series.

Lucy is experimenting with the Google Play auto-narration system. How does it sound to you?

You can hear a free sample on Haunted By The Past‘s Google Play page.

Haunted By The Past

A threatening message. A serial killer waiting to take everything. It’s time for Bella to pay—with her life.

Psychologist Bella Carismo, 27, finally has her life on track. She might lose everything she worked for when a mysterious stalker begins a murdering spree to get her attention.

Detective Marco Petrazini is on the case and determined to stop the killer before they come for Bella. But his conviction is more than duty, it’s budding forbidden love.

His love gives Bella something she has always hoped for and her defences fall. But clues lead Marco into Bella’s dark past and the killer demands retribution. As the bodies pile up, Marco and Bella find stopping the killer puts their lives and their love in peril.

This heart-pounding crime romance by prolific author Lucy Appadoo will capture readers and leave them in suspense to the very end.

Lucy Appadoo

author Lucy Appadoo

Lucy Appadoo is a prolific reader and author of the Friends In Crisis Series. After a childhood spent reading and imagining escapist worlds, Lucy has put her imagination into stories. Her work as a rehabilitation counsellor, and former work as a counsellor in private practice, have led to an interest in writing inspirational stories about authentic, driven women who manage adversity with strength and heart. She writes in the genres of romantic suspense/thrillers with significant life themes and contemporary romance.

Lucy’s interests include researching crime stories and news to inspire her work, watching crime thrillers and suspenseful movies, travel, exercising, reading for entertainment or knowledge, meditation, and spending time with friends and family. She also appreciates her Italian background and culture, which has inspired her to write imaginative stories about her parents’ childhoods, leading to The Italian Family Series novels.

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