Launch day: The Door on the Right

Just in time to buy it for the dystopian sci-fi lover on your list, the latest thriller

By Elyse Salpeter

The author of the bestselling Kelsey Porter series, Elyse Salpeter has launched her latest novel, The Door on the Right.

“November 1, 2022 was the day that I started writing The Door on the RIght—the first day of Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) this year,” she remembers. Nanowrimo is a national writing effort where writers write every day to have a full, 50,000-word novel by the end of the month. That’s approximately 1,600 words a day, every day. “The problem was that I had no idea what I was going to write up until the very night before when I had a dream.

“In this dream was the actress Hayden Panettiere, but at the age when she appeared in the movie, Bring it On – All or Nothing. She was in a building with other kids and while she was not chained up and could move about, she could never leave. That was all I remembered of the dream when I woke.

“And that’s how The Door on the Right started. I sat down the next day at my laptop and developed a story around a girl, named Hayden, who must spend her entire life living in one building because she doesn’t have the immunity to fight against a virus that devasted the planet one hundred years before.”

The Door on the Right launched today. You can get the e-book now at:

The Door on the Right

The Door on the Right cover virus over a dark city

In a world devastated by a ruthless virus, 13 orphan teens cling to survival in Harlin House, a safe haven created for them by a mysterious group called the Handlers.

With no immunity to the virus and time running out, they discover that all is not as it seems, and their lives—and the world beyond theirs—are trapped in a terrifying nightmare far more hellish than they could ever imagine.

Get it now from:

Elyse Salpeter

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Elyse Salpeter is an author who loves mixing the real with the fantastic in her books. She likes nothing better than taking different scenarios and creating worlds where things just aren’t what they appear to be.

Her six-book supernatural thriller series, The Hunt for Xanadu, the Quest of the Empty Tomb, The Call of Mount Sumeru, The Haunting of Cragg Hill House, The Search For Starlight and The Journey Back are about a brilliant and fearless young woman named Kelsey Porter, whose life is steeped in Buddhist spiritual mysteries and she is constantly discovering the world around her is not what she believed it to be.

Her paranormal suspense series, Flying to the Light and Flying to the Fire, are about a young deaf boy who knows what happens to you when you die and now people are after him for the answers.

Her horror novel, The Mannequins, is about a film crew that enters an abandoned mansion and disappears, while her horror collection, Ricket Row, is filled with little creepy tales, guaranteed to keep you up at night.

Her sci-fi collection called Titanium Flow is rife with alien worlds, genetic testing, trans-galaxy romance, and robots!

And lastly, her dark fantasy series, The World of Karov and The Ruby Amulet are about twins, power and magic all interweaved with the theme of good vs. evil.

When she’s not writing, she’s training for triathlons and eating shock food in her Gastronaut Club. Please come on over and learn more about her at:

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