Love from sweet to steamy

Torrid Thursday teasers from your favorite romance authors

Enjoy these soupçons of stories about romance and love that go from sweet and warm to spicy to downright sweaty.

Imperfect Harmony
House of Archer rocker romance series #1

By Raine Thomas

How had he not grasped the importance Lily held in his life before now?

All Archer knew was he couldn’t stand the idea of Lily settling down with Johnathan or anyone else. He didn’t want Lily involved with another guy because he wanted to be involved with her.

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Once Upon a [Broken] Time

The upcoming time-travel romance fantasy

By Samreen Ahsan

“Ask for anything,” I said, my breath still running wild from her kiss. “Ask for anything, and I’d lay at your feet.” Her eyes widened with surprise.

Staring at me for a few heartbeats, she gave a mischievous smile. “Are you sure, my lord?” Something bright danced behind her eyes.

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Finding You

D. G. Torrens

“STOP,” shouted Mr Ainsworth.

Eden turned around, startled. She lost her footing, slipped and fell. Mr Ainsworth rushed up to her, placed his hand under her arm and helped her up. “Just for the record, I do not like people touching my rare books. At least not without my prior permission. Is that understood, Miss Marshall?”

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Mist-Chi-Mas: A Novel of Captivity

J.L. Oakley

On the fifth of May, after they had taken a stroll down to the beach below the fort, Jeannie and Jeremy encountered Jonas Breed standing by the west gate where the wood palisades made of cedar logs rose eighteen feet high. He had hair as dark as charcoal and eyes the color of deep blue sapphires. A fine, straight nose and a thin, thoughtful mouth complemented his high cheeks weathered by the wind and sun.

Like a Welshman, she thought. They were dark like that. She flushed when she realized she was paying too much attention to him.

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Fighting for Fall

Kayla Dawn Thomas

He lowered his lips to hers sparking a fire in Chanel’s lower belly. Maddox had a way of wiping everything from her mind when he kissed her, a feat of pure magic as her brain was constantly on the go.

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open on the tenth floor.

“Get it! Wooo!” A male voice thundered into the car.

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Memory’s Edge, Part One

DelSheree Gladden

Gretchen sat watching his chest rise and fall until her eyelids began copy the motion. She knew she was about to fall asleep, but she couldn’t leave. He had nobody. Adjusting herself in the uncomfortable chair, she tried to stay awake.

“He can hear you if you talk to him.”

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Kill the Moon

AJ Llewellyn

He realized he was in no position to be a shopping snob since he was loitering outside another expensive store under false pretences. But he wouldn’t spend a dime…not one red cent.

The things I do for a hundred bucks. That made him curious about the hunk. Why’s he here? Is he hard up too?

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One Shade of Red

By Scott Bury

“Careful!” Alexis squealed at the same pitch as the tires. “You don’t want to attract the police’s attention.” Her hand was on my thigh already. She rubbed me as I ran a yellow at Wellesley.

Once I shifted into fourth, I put my hand on Alexis’ leg. I moved higher, pushing her skirt up.

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