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Joining BSR

I am so excited to be joining an inspiring author group with Best-Selling Reads. I am extremely interested in collaborating with a community of amazing Authors, as Best-Selling Reads is the ideal place in which I can share my work, gain ideas, and collaborate in special promotions. We can help each other gain traction and showcase our unique style to writing books.

My Publishing Plans

Shortly, I will be publishing my stand-alone contemporary romance novel, A Tuscan Dream with KDP Select to be exclusive with Amazon for 90 days or more. Thereafter, I will be publishing a second stand-alone contemporary romance novel, Second Chances with KDP Select.

I am working on the third book of my Women of Strength Series, then plan to work on the fifth book of my Friends In Crisis Series. Both series are in the romantic suspense genre.

I plan to arrange a few marketing promotions, of which are yet to be determined, so I can increase sales for my backlist and latest books.

I plan to increase my exposure and following on social media platforms, including Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Why Do I Write?

I enjoy writing about strong, authentic women who overcome evil and fall in love. I write with a blend of romance and suspense to provide a dose of love and adrenaline thrills. My ideas come from many sources, including news articles, TV shows, movies, relationships, experiences, and imagination.

I have an interest in the criminal mind and previously enjoyed watching TV shows such as Criminal Minds, Profiler, and Mind Hunter, as well as being an avid reader of romantic suspense books. I have been inspired by John Douglas who wrote Mind Hunter and Journey Into Darkness, gaining a snapshot of killers’ motives and behaviour to authenticate my stories.

My interests have led me to writing fictional-based characters based on the criminal mind, involving my niche of stalkers and serial killers.

I write purely to communicate my interests and joy to others and enjoy reading in the romantic suspense or thriller genres, therefore hoping that I can stimulate interest in my ideal reader who craves this genre.

I write to provide inspiration, entertainment, and an adrenaline rush to readers as they use their minds and intuition to solve a problem within the story. Many people enjoy intrigue and like to guess at a villain’s identity, so I like to provide readers with the action and story puzzle, providing them with an escape from the day-to-day routine of life.

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