Suspense to open romance month: Amnesia

A Tuesday teaser from the latest romantic suspense novel

By D.G. Torrens

Cassie exited the police station with a bad feeling coursing through her body like a tornado. She didn’t notice her boss, Matt, calling out her name from down the street.

“Cassie?” Cassie?” repeated Matt.

Matt hurried towards Cassie, worried. His concern well-placed. His eyes darted left and then right while he navigated the busy street. His six-foot form battled the powerful winds.

Cassie spun around, “I’m so sorry. I was in a world of my own.”

“I saw you leaving the police station. Is everything okay?” he queried.

Cassie shook her head and burst into tears. Matt inched closer and placed his muscular arm around her shoulders.

“You are coming with me and no arguments. I know this great little coffee shop down the street that just opened. My treat,” he insisted.

Cassie offered a weak nod while brushing the tears from her face. Matt extended his hand as they approached the coffee shop entrance, allowing Cassie to enter first.

“Why don’t you take a seat, and I will grab us a couple spiced-latte specials,” he suggested.

“Thanks, Matt,” smiled Cassie while heading towards the over-sized chairs looking out on to the street. She sat down and observed the people passing by. She noticed a mother struggling with shopping bags and a little girl no older than four years old in tow. The girl was laughing while her mother rolled her eyes, attempting to catch a falling bag. They laughed together while disappearing out of sight. Will I ever have that? Will I ever be in a normal place again? Dreaming, planning, and living. I can’t imagine it anymore, she wondered.

Matt pulled her from her thoughts as he sat down opposite and placed a large, cream-topped latte in front of her. “Now, if that doesn’t cheer you up!” he gestured.

“I needed this. Thanks.”

“Is everything all right, Cass?”

Cassie studied Matt’s dark grey eyes framed with long, thick lashes, “My best friend died recently. You remember Anna?”

Matt’s mouth dropped open, “Oh no… Cass, I am so sorry. He reached across the table and placed his hand over hers. She glanced at his hand but did not pull away. It felt warm and comforting, she decided.

“I can’t believe it myself.” Cassie filled Matt in on everything that had happened. She felt good for off-loading. Matt was easy to talk to and made her feel at ease. She retrieved her hand to wrap it around her latte.

Matt smiled while pointing at her upper lip. “You have cream on your face.” He reached over with a napkin and wiped it off. “That’s better.”

Cassie blushed. She searched Matt’s face and saw nothing but genuine kindness. “I needed this bit of normality today. Thank you. You must need to get back to the office soon.”

Matt winked. “There are perks to being the boss! How do you fancy a walk in the central gardens? I know I need one after that calorific latte.”

She smiled. “Yes, I’d like that.”

Cassie didn’t notice Leo and Rob out the window across the street from the coffee shop.


Cassie is suffering from trauma-induced amnesia. Weekly visits to her psychologist are proving challenging until fragments from the night of her attack begin to surface. Cassie spirals into a dark hole of fear and confusion – Pandora’s box spills open, revealing contents that she is ill-prepared for. Her nightmares are worsening. Her fear intensifies. The truth is imminent…

Editorial Reviews for Amnesia:
“A brilliant, gut-wrenching story with stunning action and fascinating characters binds this heart-reaping romance with mystery and horror; all springing from the pen of extraordinary novelist D.G. Torrens. A ritornelle in print.” Mark T Wayne – Author of The Trial; TV host, and show producer.

Our effigy, Litterarum Talitate ‘immortalized in literature’ brightens honour of such notable author D.G. Torrens.
Amnesia is her latest masterpiece. AUTHORPÆDIA — The Worlds only Encyclopedia dedicated to authors.

D.G. Torrens

D.G. Torrens is a UK & USA bestselling author and poet. D.G. has written and published 20 books to date, her latest being Amnesia.

A prolific writer with a deep passion for the written word, D.G is also a founding member of and AuthorCityUK.

Her first book, Amelia’s Story, inspired people the world over and has been downloaded over 500k times worldwide. Amelia’s Story is the author’s true-life story, originally written for her daughter and never intended for publication.

D.G. then went on to write military romance, romantic suspense, romantic drama, contemporary romance novels, and poetry books, which have all been received well.

The success of Amelia’s Story led the author to BBC Radio WM 95.6 FM, in 2014-15 on the Adrian Goldberg breakfast show. D.G has since appeared on the late-night show at BBC Radio WM, Drystone Radio FM, and on American radio host/author/actor, Cyrus Webb’s program, Radio for Mississippi.

The author’s first TV appearance was recently aired on AuthorPaedia TV Live hosted by Christopher Douglas author/host/interviewer/director. You can view all four episodes right here on YouTube to learn more about the author, her life and books: AuthorPaedia TV.

A full-time author, D.G is exceptionally driven and throws herself into all the projects that she takes on. “Don’t tell me to reach for the stars when there is a whole universe out there…” describes how she walks through life.

“Not everyone will understand your journey what matters is that you do.”

D.G. Torrens lives by the motto, “The child first and foremost.”

Read more about D.G. on her:

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