A winner and lots of sales

A finance-friendly Friday from BestSelling Reads authors Winner! We’re thrilled to announce that J.L. Oakley’s The Quisling Factor has won 2021 international book of the year from the THE OFFICIAL International Pulpwood Queen and Timber Guy Book Club. The book tells the story of Norway’s struggle to recover from the […]

Books almost ready to read

A multi teaser for your Thursday morning The wait is nearly over! Your favorite bestselling authors have been working feverishly to replenish your shelf of books you know you have to read. And we’re here to give you a glimpse of what to expect: Samreen Ahsan This multiple award winner is now […]

Welcome to autumn!

The beginning of fall always feels like a time for starting projects anew, to get serious about accomplishing things again.  The lazy summer is over. Vacation is finished. No more languid days watching the world pass by. It’s time to get back to work, get serious again. Time to complete […]