Happy new year, readers!

The new year looms, and looking back on 2021 evokes mixed feelings in bestselling authors. But we remain optimistic for 2022. Raine Thomas I don’t think many of us are sad to see 2021 come to an end, but I personally gained some helpful perspective and I hope some of […]

Mayhem for May

May is action month at BestSelling Reads. Here are some tastes of the action and mayhem you can find between the covers of some of members’ most rollicking titles. From Motive The bulldog looked at the old man pleadingly.  He got a nod in response.  “Make it quick.  I want to […]

BestSellers in progress: Part 1

Thursday teasers of bestsellers to come By your favorite BestSelling authors This Thursday and next, we’re giving you something very special: excerpts from works-in-progress. That’s right: a glimpse at books as they flow from the fingertips of some of today’s leaders in new fiction. Tell your avid reader friends about what […]

Morsels of mysteries

Thursday teasers for Mystery March It’s Mystery Month at BestSelling Reads. And you know that your favorite BestSelling authors have some great books to make you turn pages as fast as you can to find out whodunit. To whet your mystery appetite, here are a few snippets from some of […]

Our latest books

Thursday teasers from your favorite bestselling authors BestSelling Reads authors are a prolific bunch. Here are some short teasers from their latest books. Once Upon a [Fallen] Time Samreen Ahsan There was a dreamlike rightness and magic to this moment—incomprehensible madness. Her kiss flooded into every pore of my existence—wrecking […]

Do current events affect fiction?

Monday musings by multiple bestsellers There is much happening in the world today. Events are reaching the lives of more and more people, more deeply than is usual in our fragmented, digitally distanced society. If fiction offers a mirror to society, how do fiction writers incorporate the events of the […]

Pandemic tales

Monday musings by bestselling authors Hopefully, we will soon live in post-pandemic world. But we all know that everything has changed. So much of what we once thought of as “normal” is now over and done. How will this affect the stories and books we love to read? BestSelling Reads […]