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Romantic suspense by D.G. Torrens

Cassie is suffering from trauma-induced amnesia. Weekly visits to her psychologist are proving challenging until fragments from the night of her attack begin to surface. Cassie spirals into a dark hole of fear and confusion – Pandora’s box spills open, revealing contents that she is ill-prepared for. Her nightmares are worsening. Her fear intensifies. The truth is imminent…

“A brilliant, gut-wrenching story with stunning action and fascinating characters binds this heart-reaping romance with mystery and horror; all springing from the pen of extraordinary novelist D.G. Torrens. A ritornelle in print.” 

Mark T Wayne – Author of The Trial; TV host, and show producer.

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Love’s Blood

A Vampire in Waikiki Book 4
by A.J. Llewellyn

Tem and Div, Waikiki’s hottest vampires, are settling into domestic bliss when a tornado hits Honolulu and something sinister blows in. Mysterious forces, hell-bent on abducting Tem and Div’s baby nephew—Akua, a storm demon—whisk Tem away and hold him hostage.

Devastated, Div must fight to rescue the man he loves, which involves a descent into the past, to French Vietnam, a step back in time to undo the deal he made with the devil many, many years ago—a deal to give him a second chance at love. The catch is, Div must choose between the life of the man he loves and the baby…

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Fifteen Times a Killer

Crime thriller by Alan McDermott

When journalist Jess Duffey gets the first chapters of a bad serial-killer novel, she dismisses it as a prank, a ploy for publicity.

Until she follows the writer’s directions to the grave and stumbles head-first into an FBI investigation of a grisly cold case.

The manuscript is not fiction. It’s true crime.

The anonymous chapters keep coming, leading Jess and the police to more horrifying discoveries of brutal murders committed years earlier.

The killer wants Jess to publish his account, word for word, and doing so is the only way Jess and FBI Agent Corrina Stone can find the killer before he completes his evil mission: to kill Fifteen Times.

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And Kingdoms End

The Books of the Small Gods 6 by Bruce Blake

Evil courses through the land, seeking to choke the roots sprouting from the Seed of Life and destroy humanity’s last shred of hope. The Evenstar has returned, and with him comes the rise of the Small Gods.

When armies amass at Ikkundana, the City of the Sick prepares for the final battle. But where is the firstborn child of the rightful king, the one prophesied to save humankind? Who will save the kingdom?

A sailor. A child. A once great warrior now a shadow of himself. None can stand against the invincible statue, nor hope to turn the tide of a war waged against the gods.

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For the Win

A Standalone Baseball Romance by Raine Thomas

In the pursuit of her heart, winning is the only option.


It’s what gets Jasmine Li out of bed every morning. She’s determined to overcome the injury that has derailed her career in ballet, the only love she’s ever known. She can’t afford to allow a baseball player to distract her, no matter how hot and persistent he might be.


Will Campbell defines the word. It’s what makes him a successful pitcher and it’s helping him learn how to be a single dad to a little girl with plenty of trust issues. Just his luck, the one person his daughter–and his heart–finally respond to is a stubborn, sexy ballerina with plans that don’t involve relationships or children.

But Will didn’t become the best closer in the majors by giving up. He knows what he wants and what his daughter needs, and he’s going to get it. Jasmine Li has met her match…and he’s playing for the win.

For the Win is a complete standalone sports romance with a HEA suited for readers who enjoy steamy enemies-to-lovers stories, witty verbal exchanges, LOL moments, and kids who will steal your heart. While characters from For Everly and Meant for Her make appearances in this book, it isn’t necessary to read those books first. Happy reading…and play on!

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The Quisling Factor

Historical fiction by J.L. Oakley

Treason. Espionage. Revenge. In the aftermath of WWII, ex-intelligence agent Tore Haugland tries to adjust to life in his newly freed country with the woman he loves. But he still has to testify against a Norwegian traitor—one of the monsters of the German occupation—whom he helped to capture.

When mysterious notes threaten Haugland and his family, he must choose between protecting them or bringing to justice the man who tortured him and destroyed the village that hid him. Challenged by injuries and recurring nightmares, he will have to rely on his former training and old Resistance friends to rescue his wife from the traitor who will do anything to keep Haugland from testifying.

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Repelling the Shark

The Date Shark Series Book 5

By DelSheree Gladden

Simple and easy falls apart when secrets revealed require making promises and opening up to the possibilities of hurt and hope.

Leo Bailey has so far escaped the curse of the date shark business. He fills in when needed, but has held onto his casual relationships and family emergency-free existence.

Marriage and family are a vague idea for the future, but he’s not ready to give up the freedom of being single and answering only to himself.

When Piper Moretti witnesses the demise of yet another of Leo’s friends-with-benefits relationship, she doesn’t think much of it. She has a long list of more pressing responsibilities and headaches to occupy her mind.

Friends, and the strings that go with them, are at the bottom of her priority list.

When a date shark client who tops the list of bizarre behavior Leo has seen, his half-joking request for rescue drags Piper into the chaos and into Leo’s life.

Neither one wants more than a simple, no-stress friendship. Secrets and surprises force them to admit neither one is nearly as in control of their futures as they think they are.

Helping each other means getting involved, making promises, and opening themselves up to the hurt and hope they’re both terrified to face.

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The Journey Back

Book 6 in the Kelsey Porter Series

By Elyse Salpeter

They were after his daughter.

Benjamin Porter held the baby carrier close to his chest and began to run.

Through the woods he raced, hiding amongst the trails, squeezing through the broken fence to escape.

But it wasn’t enough. The men chasing after them were faster.

It didn’t matter. He had something up his sleeve. Something that would change the playing field.

Something that would kill.

Will Kelsey survive this attack on her life?

For those who have read Book 5 in the Kelsey Porter series, Book 6 will take you back in time. What did her father really know, what really happened to her brother Robbie?

And how many times was Kelsey’s life in mortal danger from the one person who should have protected her most?

You’ll love this latest installment of the series. Get it now!

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Forgive No More

James Blake Thrillers Book 3

By Seb Kirby

No more running, no more hiding – it’s time to fight back.

The Blake family can only live in security if the truth about the conspiracy threatening their lives is brought into the full light of day.

As the stakes are raised higher than ever before, James must return to Italy to confront those seeking to destroy those he loves. Forces from around the world, from Washington to Munich, London to Tijuana, are ranged against him.

As the mystery begins to unravel, a shattering revelation emerges. Dark secrets have survived down the centuries and are in the hands of those who threaten not only him, but the entire world…

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Crimson Vale

A Modern Gothic Love Story by Jennifer Harlow


Welcome to Crimson Vale.

It’s a dream come true. A vast inheritance. A beautiful mansion in the heart of the small town South. A seductive, mysterious, literal man of her dreams offering true, pure love. Ravaged in both body and mind, Jane Harrow leaps into that living dream with abandon.

Despite the voices.

Despite the visions.

Despite the warnings from both the living and the dead.

Because what Jane doesn’t know is nothing and no one are what they seem. Because demons from the past are patient. Because dreams can quickly turn into living nightmares, especially in…

Crimson Vale.

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