The seventh day of great reading: Christmas in Byron Bay

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By A.J. Llewellyn

Bestselling author A.J. Llewellyn

Hey Flynn, we’re interested in having you promote our new SUV. Nothing like this on the market. It would involve you driving it for two weeks and posting photos. This includes travel. You’d be in paradise for Christmas!

     Flynn was intrigued. Paradise? I’d like to have a bit of that. Life is more of a bitch, not a beach here.
     Flynn lived in Santa Monica, in the very apartment once rented by actor Mel Gibson, on Nielsen Way. But that was a long time ago when rent control ruled the beach city, and homeless people weren’t camping right outside his door.
Flynn pondered the message he’d received. Maybe it was the answer to all his problems. His rent had just gone up another hundred and fifty dollars a month, and the sustainable clothing designer who’d been courting his services for weeks had just told him her father had pulled the plug on her studio and her upcoming fashion show.
      He’d had to laugh though. She’d taken all his ideas and obviously thinking he was blind, or stupid, or both, had staged her show in the hot Mexican resort of Tulum. She’d even used a couple of the models he’d suggested.
Instagram was a bit like being a stalker. He could see what was going on without the designer knowing he was watching.

Tell me more about your new SUV, he typed.

Christmas in Byron Bay

A shirtless young man standing on a beach: cover of Christmas on Byron Bay

Instagram Micro-influencer Flynn Hudson loves the idea of launching a revolutionary new convertible SUV in Australia. Then he learns he’s supposed to spend two weeks in the celebrity-drenched Byron Bay. Flynn grew up one town over in Mullumbimby. Twenty years ago, Flynn’s whole family left town in disgrace. When he discovers his boss and traveling companion is reality star and major loudmouth Jimmy Raynes, he frets that Jimmy will find out his secret and blab it all over the Internet.

Can Flynn redeem his family’s terrible reputation? Can he boost his influencer ranking and sell the biggest thing he’s ever been asked to handle? Or will he wind up being run out of town a second time?

Jimmy Raynes is fixated with the idea of having cool, sexy Flynn Hudson return to his roots in Australia to help him sell his hot new SUV. Jimmy’s loved him from afar since discovering his Instagram two years ago. Jimmy’s convinced Flynn’s the only guy who can get his crazy new toy into some hot celebrity hands. Jimmy has a lot er, riding on this deal. But it’s not just sales he wants from Flynn. Oh no, Jimmy wants so much more.

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