The shadow in the woods: Amnesia

A Thursday teaser from the romantic suspense bestseller

By D.G. Torrens

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The doorbell startled Cassie. She leapt from her chair and hurried to the door. She peeked through the spyhole and smiled while turning the lock.

“Anna!” She welcomed her old friend in.

Anna leapt forward and enveloped Cassie in a hug, mindful not to squeeze too hard. “I really hate lifts, Cass. I will never understand your need to be on the top floor.”

“Because it was the largest and most private apartment in the building,” informed Cassie.

Anna rolled her eyes. “How are you feeling today?”

Cassie stepped back. “Better now that you’re here.”

“So, come on, tell me, how did Leo take the news?” Anna pressed while slipping her coat off.

“Not well, to be honest. But I need the space right now.”

“Of course, you do. Leo needs to understand that. I know he loves you. He worries about you. But you need to think about you and not Leo. These last few months have been horrendous. How you have kept your sanity is beyond me. If the situation were reversed, I would never leave the house. You are a remarkable woman.”

“I’m not remarkable. Some days are harder than others. Look how depressed I was yesterday. Not knowing who did this to me drives me crazy. I just want to remember. It’s so frustrating. Come on, follow me into the kitchen. I have whipped up lunch for us.”

Anna trailed behind, observing Cassie.

“Are you sure you’re okay, Cass? You’re very pale.”

Cassie turned away and began plating up their lunch. With her back to Anna, she replied, “I don’t know. I know nothing anymore. My nightmares are worsening. I have recalled things from that night, albeit only vague recollections.”

Anna walked over to Cassie and placed her hand on her shoulder, “Look at me.”

Cassie turned around while brushing a stray tear from her cheek.

“Oh Cass, come here.” Anna pulled her close and wrapped her arms around her. “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it. I am here for you when you are ready. You must be tired of everyone asking you the same questions all the time.”

Cassie pulled away and searched Anna’s face. “I see someone, Anna. A tall, shadowy figure dragging me through Kinver Woods. I know it was a man—a powerful man. He was tall. It’s the same flashback every time.”

“How long have you been having them?” asked Anna.

“A few days.”

“Have you told your therapist?”

Cassie shook her head, “No, not yet.”

“Why not?”

Cassie reached for a bottle of wine from the fridge and poured them both a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. She handed a glass to Anna and then took a large swig herself.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I guess I want to be sure of what I remember before saying anything. And right now, I am not sure of anything. I just see a tall shadow of a man dragging me through the woods, and then there is nothing. They found me in the woods, remember. So, it isn’t anything new to report.”

“I know, but at least you are recalling something from that night. Surely that is a positive thing,” Anna reassured her.

“I guess so. I have been wondering, who would do this to me? I have no enemies as far as I know. The police ruled out everyone. I guess there is a part of me that needs it to mean something. It sounds stupid, I know.”

Anna offered a sympathetic smile, “No, it doesn’t.” She trailed off in thought.

Cassie looked at her puzzled, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing. Do you remember the last conversation we had before your attack?”


Cassie is suffering from trauma-induced amnesia. Weekly visits to her psychologist are proving challenging until fragments from the night of her attack begin to surface. Cassie spirals into a dark hole of fear and confusion – Pandora’s box spills open, revealing contents that she is ill-prepared for. Her nightmares are worsening. Her fear intensifies. The truth is imminent…

“A brilliant, gut-wrenching story with stunning action and fascinating characters binds this heart-reaping romance with mystery and horror; all springing from the pen of extraordinary novelist D.G. Torrens. A ritornelle in print.” Mark T Wayne – Author of The Trial; TV host, and show producer.

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D.G. Torrens

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is the author of 14 books, including the bestselling trilogy, Amelia’s Story #1, Amelia’s Destiny #2 and Amelia The Mother #3. This is an emotion-charged true story that the author wrote for her daughter.

D.G is a mother/writer/blogger who has a dream to inspire as many people as possible through her story. To show those with little hope that dreams can come true.

Born in England, passionate about writing, D.G. Torrens is married with a daughter. Her first book, Amelia’s Story, has inspired people all over the world. Amelia’s Destiny, book #2 is the sequel and is followed by Amelia The Mother book #3 in this awe-inspiring trilogy. A memoir that remains with D.G.’s readers long after they have put the book down …

D.G is a prolific writer and in 2013, her works were recognized by BBC Radio WM, where she has given several live interviews in the BBC studios in Birmingham, UK. Thereafter, D.G. became a regular Headline Reviewer for the radio show for the next 12 months.

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