Tuesday teaser: Ghost Star

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By Roger Eschbacher

Ghost Star by Roger Eschbacher

Galen Bray awoke with a gasp in complete darkness. Every bone in his wiry body ached, but why? Regor, he remembered. He stunned me.

Galen lifted his hand, his skin coming into contact with a cool metal surface. Feeling around, he determined he was in some kind of upright box. Regor’s locker. He carefully opened the door a sliver and looked out into Regor’s bunkroom. Detecting no movement, he pushed the door open and stepped out, noticing there was something heavy in his pocket. His fingers touched the hilt of a curved blade. Galen lifted the weapon, brushed the long black hair out of his dark eyes and frowned. Nolo’s blade. What’s this doing here? His father had given him the ancient blade on his thirteenth birthday and begun rigorously training him in its use. Per Nolo’s instructions, the blade should be under his bunk pillow. “Always keep the blade close by, Galen, you never know when you’ll need it,” he always said. Need it for what? Now here it was in his pocket. Regor must’ve put it there. But why?

Galen tucked the blade into his waistband. “Bartrice, report.” He waited a moment for a response from Bartrice, the artificial intelligence of the Ghost Star, named by his sentimental father after his recently deceased mother, but heard nothing. “Bartrice?” Still nothing.

What’s going on here? He crossed to Regor’s workspace and pushed several weeks of accumulated work to the side before taking a seat in front of the vidscreen. Dragging his fingers across the screen, he called up the communication and security hubs. “Hex? Are you there? Report.” All he got back from the bot was a low level of white noise. Galen sat still for a moment, unsure of what to do.

Ship cams.

A few commands later Galen’s vidscreen was covered with views from every security cam on the Ghost Star. To his shock, many of the views included Imperium marines. Some were lesser Nell, most were Terrans, and each was fully armored and armed with a rifer, the lethal Imp projectile weapon. Not good.

Motion near the bottom of his vidscreen caught Galen’s eye. Was that what he thought it was? No, it couldn’t be. Galen tapped the image and gasped. A Nell lord, made instantly recognizable by his bladed forearms, stood in the common room.

“Not good,” he muttered. The Nell was saying something. What it was, Galen couldn’t tell until he remembered to turn the sound on. “Idiot!”

“—and so, with great pleasure, I place you all under arrest,” said the Nell.

Galen sat back and ran his hands through his hair. He leaned forward and adjusted the camera angle. What he saw next almost made him vomit. His father, tied up and beaten bloody, sat in the center of the room.

“Colonel, take care of the others. I shall deal with this one myself,” said the Nell.

“Yes, my Lord.”

Galen watched the marines herd the five-member crew of the Ghost Star out of the common room toward the cargo bay. A lone marine followed them, dragging a small girl with him. Trem. They’ve got Trem.

Ghost Star

Ghost Star by Roger Eschbacher

He’d battle an empire to save his family!

When his father and crewmates are attacked and killed by a ruthless alien commander, young Galen Bray becomes the new captain of the GHOST STAR, a notorious smuggling vessel. Barely escaping capture, Galen sets out to rescue the only other survivor of the vicious attack, his sister Trem. Along the way, he discovers a mysterious people thought wiped out long ago, his family’s surprising origins, and a destiny he never imagined . . .

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Roger Eschbacher

lives in Los Angeles with his awesome family, a hilarious Border Terrier, and a grumpy Russian tortoise.

In addition to writing fantasy and sci-fi adventure novels, he writes TV animation for Warner Bros., Netflix, Cartoon Network, Hasbro Studios and more.

Roger’s YA space opera Ghost Star is a winner of the Kindle Scout competition and received a publishing contract from Amazon’s Kindle Press imprint.

Ghost Star and other books by Roger are listed on this page. Please buy lots and lots of them. 

Ways to learn more about Roger and his writing include:

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