Tuesday teaser: Orgasmic Texas Dawn

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By A.J. Llewellyn

“Am I going to get to meet this big city cop of yours, or is he to stay hidden away like the elephant man?”

I took this as my cue and walked out onto the veranda. I intended to introduce myself, but something happened when I got my first glimpse of Jubilee Mason. I looked at the man standing in the dirt in front of the trailer, and he stared back at me. Neither of us said a word. I don’t know what got into his throat and made him mute, but I sure as hell know what got into mine.

Jubilee Mason was drop-dead gorgeous. He stood about six-two, all lean muscle. He was fair-haired, his cut nicely layered back, and his eyes looked to be light blue even from this distance. He wore tan pants and a matching suit jacket, and somehow, he seemed perfectly cool. His Stetson was black and swinging casually from his fingers. I could see his badge clipped to his belt and caught a glint of steel under his jacket. He wore a white shirt, opened at the collar. If he had a tie, he’d left it in the blue sedan he was driving.

Dillon broke the silence by pulling me forward. “Kieran Fox, meet Jubilee Mason.”

Jubilee stepped forward and extended his hand. I took it briefly and issued him a firm handshake. His hand was covered in scratches.

“Kittens,” he said, giving me a goofy smile. He met my gaze, and I just about fell off the porch. I could have done without the man being this good-looking. “Kieran. Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise,” I replied.

“Kieran was a narcotics officer in Vancouver,” Dillon announced.

“So I’ve heard. We can use someone with your know-how around here.”

He sounded like a Texan when he said that. You can take the boy out of Texas…

“Vancouver’s a nice city,” Jubilee went on. “Why the hell would you want to work in these backwoods?”

Dillon replied in my stead. “Kieran read about the troubles we got down here and was interested. He’s on leave.”

Jubilee narrowed his eyes. I could tell he didn’t buy it. “Like I said before, we can use all the help we can get. Welcome to Lone Trail. Now, if you’re not going to let me come in and poke around, Dillon, guess I’ll just go on my way. See you back at the station?”

“You gonna keep me informed on the Jones case?”

“Of course. Right after my debriefing today.”

“Okay, and don’t forget we’re going fishing next weekend?”

“I wouldn’t forget.” Jubilee grinned and looked at me again. “What about you, want to come fishing, Kieran?”

“Ah…I…” Okay that deep drawl he had going on, it was there at times, and it was doing a number on me.

“Of course, he’s coming,” Dillon said.

“Great. See you around, Kieran.”

“Right.” I watched until he was back inside his vehicle. I think I started to breathe normally again after that.

Orgasmic Texas Dawn

Canadian cop Kieran Fox has fallen from grace after a disastrous romance with the wrong guy—the head of a drug cartel. When Sheriff Dillon DePriest moseys on up north begging Kieran to come to his town of Lone Trail, Texas, to help him deal with a gang of murderous drug dealers, Kieran agrees, if only to get away from the scene of his own crime.

Soon thereafter, Kieran learns that the tough little Texas town is knees-deep in an escalating mystery. There’s a cross-dressing Cher impersonator, a killer missing some gold teeth and his…er…dangly bits. And worse, there’s Kieran’s growing attraction for Lone Trail’s sexy U.S. Marshal, Jubilee Mason, that he neither wants or needs.

A.J. Llewellyn

Bestselling author A.J. Llewellyn

A.J. Llewellyn lives in California, but dreams of living in Hawaii. Frequent trips to all the islands, bags of Kona coffee in the fridge and a healthy collection of Hawaiian records keep this writer refueled.

A.J’s passion for the islands led to writing a play about the overthrow of Queen Lili’uokalani’s kingdom.

A.J. never lacks inspiration for writing erotic romances but has many other passions: collecting books on Hawaiiana, surfing and spending time with family, friends and animal companions.

A.J. Llewellyn believes that love is a song best sung out loud.

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