BestSellers in progress: Part 1

Thursday teasers of bestsellers to come By your favorite BestSelling authors This Thursday and next, we’re giving you something very special: excerpts from works-in-progress. That’s right: a glimpse at books as they flow from the fingertips of some of today’s leaders in new fiction. Tell your avid reader friends about what […]

Art, writing and disease

By Scott Bury Art and literature necessarily reflect the times they’re created. During the Black Death, medieval artists decorated texts with images of devils raining arrows on sinners. In the plague of the seventeenth century, Renaissance artists painted the sufferings of masses of people to illustrate the passion of Christ.  […]

Horror teasers

For this week’s Teaserday, we’ve assembled a few especially creepy passages for you to…enjoy. We’re working on some special BestSelling Reads combs for those whose hair is still standing on end. Awake From Ricket Row By Elyse Salpeter  Pain. I felt like I was being sliced in half. Shadows loomed over my […]