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Thursday teasers for Mystery March

It’s Mystery Month at BestSelling Reads. And you know that your favorite BestSelling authors have some great books to make you turn pages as fast as you can to find out whodunit.

To whet your mystery appetite, here are a few snippets from some of our members’ best.

A Case of Sour Grapes

By Gae-Lynn Woods

“Lost and Found Investigations. Maxine Leverman speaking. How can I help you?”

“This is Blue Ivey out at Cedar Bend Winery. Does your agency find people?”

“Of course. How can we help?”

“I need to find my ex-husband. Not that I want to find him, but if I don’t find him soon and get him straightened out, I’ll have to kill him. We’re between white and red harvest and I don’t have time to hide a body right now.” Her voice carried a silky huskiness that sounded like pure sex, and I wondered what kind of man could walk away from that. Someone called out and Blue covered the phone and shouted something unintelligible. She returned to the conversation with a sigh. “It’s lunch prep time and things are crazy. Can you come to the winery? I’ll take a break around one. Come hungry.”

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Volcano House

J.L. Oakley

“What is this?” Almeida lifted out a long, sharp letter opener. The jewels in the silver handle sparkled in the lantern light—green, white and ruby. At the top was a thistle. “Cheating me, were you?”

“Cheating? You forget we both thieves, only I take all the risks.”

“But we must share.” Almeida hung the straps of the haversack on his shoulder. He turned the letter opener around in his hands. “I’ll keep it. Once I sell it, I’ll split the money.”

“No! It’s mine. I found it. Give it back—”

DeMello’s words ended in a cry as Almeida grabbed DeMello’s walking stick and slammed it on his head.

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The Monday Night Needlework and Murder Guild

Kathleen Valentine (RIP)

Truthfully, I thought being a murderer would be somewhat more thrilling than it has proven to be. Planning and executing the event was interesting enough but, once everything was tidied up, it was just a matter of sitting around and waiting to see what happened next. Nothing much has. Of course, there is a part of me that longs to say, “You know Larry Anderson didn’t really move to California to write screenplays for television. He’s buried under my cellar floor.” But that really wouldn’t be prudent, would it?

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Doing Max Vinyl

Annie Ogden Mystery #1

Frederick Lee Brooke

“Come on, you guys,” Annie said.  “I’ll drive you home.”  She followed them down the gangplank and onto dry land.  Her stomach ached.  This wasn’t the coffee.  She realized suddenly it came from fear for Alison.  She felt the adrenaline pouring into her system.  Those thugs would find her, if they had any brains.  It had to be important if they were beating people up in public places.  Alison didn’t have a clue how to defend herself. 

She decided not to share her thoughts.  You could always be wrong.  No sense giving them even more to bicker about, all the way home.  That ache in her stomach was a signal she’d learned to trust.  Her hand inside her windbreaker pocket closed around the GPS.

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Dead Man Lying

Hawaiian Storm book 3

Scott Bury

Coming March 15!

“Do you have any enemies, Mr. Sangster?”

“What do you mean?”

“Is there anyone you can think of who has a reason to try to shoot you?”

Sangster swallowed as sweat appeared on his high forehead. “I … uh, no … no one I can think of.”

Vanessa just looked at him for a long time. He is lying, but not about anything I’ve asked him. There’s something he’s hiding, something he’s hoping I won’t ask about.

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Each Day I Wake

By Seb Kirby

Each day I was learning more about who I was from Janet.

Our honeymoon in Venice. The hotel in the Dorsoduro, not far from the Academia, where we stayed. The walks along the narrow alleyways to the square overlooking the Grand Canal.

Janet played the music we listened to then. Our song. Van Morrison. ‘Brown-Eyed Girl’. She told me how I called her my brown-eyed girl.

We’re there in photographs on Janet’s tablet. Standing on the steps of the Academia Bridge, smiling.

Younger. Happier. Together and in love.

I wished I could believe this was me. I wished I could remember being there with Janet.

I couldn’t tell her that what I was doing was learning this from her. I was not recalling this for myself. This was not the spark that unlocked the memory of who I was.

But I learned this and told her that it was all coming back.

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Coffee and Kukui Nuts

Solomon Tua Book 1

By A.J. Llewellyn

When he’d initially swung off the freeway exit on King Street, Tua had detected the unmistakable smell of baking bread, and his mouth had watered. The stress of taking a day off work in Maui to island-hop for Meleny’s sake, soon melted away until Tua realized the aroma was not from the cake store but Love’s Bakery. That place was much more his speed, and like him, was big and took up a lot of space, the entire first corner of the street, in fact.           

“Are you sure this it, Mel?” He squinted at the dark windows of Tiers of Bliss at the entrance of the store. 

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